Hazey Taughtme – Pioneering Diversity and Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry

In the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, California, visionary Hazey Taughtme has been causing seismic ripples as a leading pioneer in the cannabis industry. Concealed beneath the moniker “Hazey Taughtme,” Haze Palmer has cemented himself as a driving force in reshaping the narrative surrounding cannabis and its role within communities of color

With an unyielding dedication to diversity and inclusion, Hazey’s journey from learning about cannabinoids, the ardent pursuit of pheno-hunting with farms in Southern California to assuming the mantle of CEO of Black Cannabis Magazine and the Chief Marketing Officer of the National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA) is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Hazey’s journey into the legal cannabis industry began in 2017 attempting to create an alliance with 805 Farmily and Freeway Rick Ross, focusing on the identification and cultivation of premium cannabis strains. This initial undertaking may have encountered an unforeseen pause, but it laid the groundwork for his profound exploration of the effects of different strains and even CBD product lines to work with people experiencing addiction.

The turning point in Hazey’s journey arrived in 2018, as he merged his forces with the founder of NDICA and the producer of the blockbuster film “Cradle to the Grave,” Bonita Money. By volunteering and shadowing Bonita closely, Hazey immersed himself in the intricacies of the non profit side and social Justice movement in the legal cannabis industry. In a whirlwind of learning, he absorbed the subtleties of local ordinances in Los Angeles, grasped the intricacies of expungement work, and comprehended the importance of social equity and licensing.

Hazey’s relentless ambition stretched far beyond the realms of the cannabis industry. Dabbling in media and communications, he wholeheartedly embraced the role of a manager/ publicist while concurrently collaborating with clients. This audacious undertaking flung wide the gates to a plethora of possibilities, bestowing upon his clients coveted interviews and coveted exposure on esteemed platforms such as Billboard, Entrepreneur, BBC, Forbes, Vlad TV, Hot 97, and beyond. The impact of his efforts was felt across major markets, from the sunny beaches of Florida to the

bustling streets of New York and from the lively neighborhoods of Atlanta to the expansive city of Los Angeles. He successfully secured spots on influential radio stations, television, and Hip Hop podcasts.

Hazey embarked on a momentous journey within the cannabis industry, driven by one glaring observation. He found that people of color often suffered from discrimination from white operated media companies, their stories relegated to designated periods such as Black History Month or diversity quotas. The narratives predominantly focused on legal troubles stemming from cannabis possession, distorting the true impact of BIPOC individuals. Fueled by an unwavering desire to reshape this narrative, Hazey officially launched Black Cannabis Magazine online in 2019.

Clubhouse, the burgeoning social media app, became Hazey’s conduit for profound connections and captivating conversations. He harnessed its potential, spearheading discussions that delved into the depths of cannabis, forging profound connections with kindred spirits. His Clubhouse rooms emerged as platforms for unfiltered and revelatory dialogues, exploring historical milestones, current events, and indispensable aspects of the cannabis industry. As his influence burgeoned, he collaborated with luminaries like Shaggy Brown and Hawa, magnifying his reach and expanding his digital network.

With the resolute expansion of Black Cannabis Magazine, Hazey exalted a milestone on April 20, 2021—the unleashing of its inaugural print edition showcasing Whoopi Goldberg on the front cover. The launch event, hosted on the W. Hollywood Rooftop, served not only as a moment in black history but a testament to his unwavering dedication to positive representation within the cannabis industry. The event defied conventional anti-cannabis policies, offering an open bar, open consumption celebration for networking and intellectual exchange.

Hazey’s influence transcended those bounds. Teaming up with MJbiz, a preeminent cannabis convention, he etched a memorable impression. His collaboration with Pam Moore, Senior Vice President of Content, birthed the first-ever all-Black panel at MJbiz, Building on 2%: The State of BIPOC Cannabis and the Opportunities Ahead. Further ingenuity bloomed a MJbiz takeover that showcased Diversity Village—an IRL/ Metaverse experience that fostered connection

among Black and Brown cannabis entrepreneurs. Showcasing eight panels with eminent Cannabis Industry leaders and operators, Diversity Village aimed to embolden and disseminate wisdom within minority cannabis communities.

In 2022, Hazey went from volunteering to a C-suite position of NDICA’s Chief Marketing Officer, cementing his unwavering commitment to fighting for those living in commmunities marginzalized by the war on drugs and for those locked out of the cannabis industry. But he did not simply halt at the realm of business; he extended his far-reaching impact to communities in dire need. In the early dawn of 2023, he orchestrated expungement and resource fairs in the heart of Chicago, helping individuals impacted by their records and preparing them In the process of a second chance or new beginning. These extraordinary events not only resurrected shattered lives but also contributed to the noble cause of achieving equity, inclusion, and social justice within the hallowed realm of the cannabis sector.

Hazey “Haze” Taughtme stands as an awe-inspiring beacon of hope for individuals of color yearning to etch their indelible mark upon the cannabis industry. Through his relentless devotion to diversity, equity, and inclusion, he has not only metamorphosed prevailing narratives but also forged a path strewn with bountiful opportunities and boundless prosperity for countless others. On April 20, 2023, Hazey took a monumental step by launching BLACKCANNABIS flower and pre-rolls through Just Mary Delivery and Blackcannabisdelivery.com. This direct-to-consumer platform and marketplace is specially curated with products associated with Black and brown operators, emphasizing his commitment to equitable representation. The strains featured in this launch included Bacio Gelato, Formula 1, and RS-11.

With a profound sense of purpose, Hazey collaborates intentionally with Black operators nationwide. He’s committed to redistributing wealth and opportunities to the communities supporting him; thus, he pledges to give 5% of profits to the community where the products were purchased. Further amplifying his commitment, the remaining 10% is channeled to support Diversity Village and Black Cannabis Magazine. Additionally, Hazey pioneered the “Legacy2Legal” program. This initiative aims to transition unlicensed operators from the gray market, facilitating their brands’ move to recognized, legitimate shelves and ensuring a smoother pathway into the legalized cannabis sector.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, Hazey’s influence will undoubtedly proliferate. His groundbreaking endeavors in diversity and inclusion have established an unprecedented benchmark—one that others are drawn to emulate. Hazey “Haze” Taughtme serves as a living testament that an industry built on shattering barriers and pushing boundaries thrives best when all voices are amplified, and all endeavors recognized.

In an industry where tales are woven ceaselessly, Hazey’s chronicle stands as a lighthouse of inspiration. From his origins in hustling weed to get by to his current position as a multifaceted trailblazer, he has navigated unexplored territories, defied conventions, and cultivated an atmosphere where progress is intertwined with diversity. Hazey Taughtme’s tale is one of evolution, empowerment, and the unyielding pursuit of a superior, more inclusive cannabis industry—a narrative that keeps unfolding with every chapter he writes.

He has more than 200K followers on Instagram and is ideal for many other upcoming youths by the way his journey evolved, setting a high standard for everyone today.

To learn more about Hazey Taughtme, you can follow him on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, where he regularly posts about his life and other updates.




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